National Moldy Cheese Day is a unique holiday that is observed each year on October 9. A cheesemonger is a person who specializes in cheeses, butter, and other dairy products. They may take umbrage at the ordinary person’s offense of moldy cheese. Well, depending on the type of mold, of course. Some cheese molds, red or …

Bacon Blue Stuffed Mushrooms

I was looking to do something a little less traditional for my second vegetable dish, for this Christmas.  I wanted something slightly elevated to pair with a Prime Rib Roast. After hours of looking through Pintrest and several websites I decided to go it alone and make my own.  I have to tell you the …
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Christmas Dinner 2020

While the number around our table will not be as many this year, we’re making it even more delicious. So without further ado here is our Christmas Menu.

Homestyle Mashed Potatoes

Growing up holidays were spent in a combination of our home and my grandparents. My grandmother always hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and others. She is a planner and would divide the menu between all families so they could bring, sides, desserts, or other. She usually chose based on what each specialty was. My mother makes …
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On November 12th, warm up some au jus and celebrate National French Dip Day! Served up hot, tender slices of beef or pork on a French roll make up a delicious sandwich. Sometimes cheese is added. However, the key ingredients are the au jus and spicy mustard. The combination of tender beef swimming in a …
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National Panini Month is the perfect time to celebrate the hot, melty sandwich on a beautiful August day. Panini is derived from Italian origin and is basically a grilled sandwich made with non-sliced bread. National Panini Month is an opportunity to break the regular old sandwich habit and panini away! A precursor of panini appeared …
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The Ultimate Family Sandwhich

French bread, or something called Everything bread, salami, provolone, sharp cheddar, Turkey, ham, roast beef, fresh spinach leaves or lettuce, tomatoes, onion, green bell peppers, homemade tazziki and a little mustard gives you the masterpiece you see here. Best of all they are customized to taste. Pepperoni, corned beef, chicken, tuna, change the meats, cheese, …
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