Delightful December

December Holidays and History – December ushers in winter holidays such as Christmas, Kwanza, and Chanukah. It is also a time when families gather in the warmth of their homes. Throughout the month, our thoughts and actions turn toward charity and peace. During the twelfth and final month of the year, December inspires a flurry of …
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Christmas Movie Favorites

These feel good movies will help put you in the Christmas Spirit. It seems like everybody is more pleasant, during the Christmas season. So grab some popcorn, christmas cookies, and enjoy some quality time on the sofa. Do the 25 days of Christmas style or binge watch to your hearts content. While not strictly Christmas …
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Pledge of Allegiance Day on December 28th commemorates the date Congress adopted the “The Pledge” into the United States Flag Code.  Congress formally gave recognition for the Pledge of Allegiance on December 28, 1945. Francis Bellamy receives credit for writing the Pledge of Allegiance. The Youth’s Companion, a magazine for young people, first published it anonymously …

CHRISTMAS DAY – December 25

Every year on December 25th, over 2 billion people around the world celebrate Christmas Day. Traditionally, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Nonreligious people and those of different faiths celebrate the day as a cultural event.  Also known as Christmas Day, this holiday is derived from the Old English Crīstesmæsse which …
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On December 14th, National Alabama Day recognizes the Heart of Dixie. The 22nd state to join the union, Alabama has played pivotal roles in U.S. history, scientific advancements and its magnificent landscapes attract visitors from far and wide. Alabama enjoys 60 miles of shoreline along the Gulf Coast. While the coastal region is dotted with …

Now That’s Entertainment

Long day, week, just need a laugh, cry or to get away from it all. In todays world it’s as easy as the tv, tablet, cellphone, or bookcase. Spend time together or catch up with your favorites. Try some of my favorites…. Movies Marvels Avengers Star Wars Lord of the Rings James Bond 007 2021 …
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Cyber Monday 2021

Let your fingers do the walking to great deals delivered right to your door….


On November 9, National Louisiana Day recognizes the state that brought us such treasures as Jazz, Creole and American Mardi Gras. Throughout the history of the state, the blending of race and culture have resulted in the Delta’s own unique flair that brings visitors from around the world seeking to taste their food, hear their music and …

Happy Halloween

Enjoy the fun and be safe. Check out our Halloween playlist and Favorite Halloween movies.

Nestle Into November

November often blows in like a hurricane. Other times it lingers like the warmth of the sun. For many, the month fills us with gratitude. It represents family holidays, too. As warm and cozy as November seems to many, others consider the 11th month of the year to be somewhat bleary. But if you look …
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