Easter dinner

Bacon, Maple, Brussels Sprouts (The kids will eat too!)

These sauted sprouts will disappear from the table.  Adults and children alike will offer no complaints once they taste these. 


2 lbs brussel sprouts cut in half
6 chopped slices of bacon
2 oz grated Parmesan Cheese
2 tsp maple syrupFrying Pan with Lid, Deep Saute Pan 11 Inch Stone-Derived Nonstick Coating, Stainless Steel Handle Cooking Pan, Induction Compatible, Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Granite/Gift Box Included  Frying Pan with Lid, Deep Saute Pan 11 Inch Stone-Derived Nonstick Coating, Stainless Steel Handle Cooking Pan, Induction Compatible, Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Granite/Gift Box Included


  • In medium skillet render chopped bacon until lightly crisp.
  • Remove grease from pan reserving 2 Tbsps. 
  • Use 2 Tbsp bacon fat to saute halved sprouts. About 8 minutes.
  • Add bacon back into pan with sprouts.
  • Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.
  • Cover pan and reduce to low heat. 
  • Cook covered about 5 more minutes as cheese melts and Brussels become tender.
  • Stir in 2 tsp maple syrup
  • Season with a pinch of salt and black pepper.
  • Serve warm.

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Easter Egg-stravaganza

Are you looking to amp up your Easter Egg Hunt? As the years have passed, we now have diverse ages of participants. Starting with a 10-year-old 5, and two 2 year olds. So as usual when seeking inspiration I flip over to Pintrest to see what i can find. They never let me down. Everything from non-candy egg fillers to neat coloring technic and several ways to make the hunt more fun.


The Scavenger hunt looks like particular fun for the older girls, while Egg exercises look entertaining for the littlest ones. To make this fun I think we’ll try assigning a specific color to each child. (This will also work well with certain food allergies and sensitivities). Each younger child will need an adult paired with to read the exercises to them and make sure they are done before searching out the next egg.

The older girls will have to figure out and solve the clues to find their next egg. I may even add prizes to give incentive to the fun. It will also engage their parents in the game to entertain and participate in the fun.


Before the big hunt I’m thinking of hosting an Easter Brunch complete with adults only punch. Coffee of course and maybe specialty coffee bar. This will give me the perfect reason to use my new espresso machine I got for Christmas. Regular orange juice for the kids and several selections for brunch itself.

A spinach and bacon Quiche, Easter egg fruit pizza, bunny shaped Orange rolls, and carrot shaped pre-rolled silverware. To make this easy cleanup, The Dollar Store is my go to for Tablecloths, plastic table ware, napkins and plates. I like the idea of very little cleanup. I can remember going to family gatherings and the ladies spent quite a bit of time after dinner putting food away and doing dishes. Even with the dishwasher it still took quite some time and more than one load. It’s not the most environmentally friendly, but in this case throwing away the plates, napkins, and tableware, cloth if need be saves hours that can be spent with little and big ones this Easter.

The phrase “They grow up so fast”, is more true than most of us think. It seems only yesterday of oldest was just learning to walk. She is now getting ready for her first ballet recital.

Easter Sunday

To one and all I hope these ideas inspire your family fun. To all the hunters out there good luck and happy egg finding. Live, Love, Laugh, as your Easter is filled with wonder, good food and the blessing of family to surround you.

We love ideas and like to keep things fun, new, and exciting, so what do you do for this occasion? Share your traditions, recipes, menus, games, and gifts. We’d love to hear from you. If you like any of their ideas featured here make sure you visit the links to their sites.

We appreciate every like and share, or drop us an email at jensperspective71@yahoo.com

Managing Your Year

Facing the rest of the year ahead.

If you’re like me we look at the year ahead and try to put habits in place that will make it easier to handle. My Pintrest boards are getting lots of added ideas. Every thing from recipes to holiday ideas, and don’t forget to update the calendars. I take this time out to both show myself some love, and get organized. Anyone who knows me has seen me go a little OCD when being organized. I try to start with the basics. Holidays, Anniversarys, home and garden, Birthdays and finance, parties, and other projects throuout the year. I start with the basics.

My planner/engagement/brain for the year. I like a full desk size book. Why paper you ask? In the digital world we live in things like smartphone, tablets, smart tv, and even the laptop & desktop give us access to technology at our fingertips. Paper and pen are still my go to medium. I will probably add it to my digital devices, but for my main list I prefer paper. It’s where I start from. If you’ve ever tried updating or creating a note when you were fast asleep you’ll know why I still keep my pen and paper.

I enjoy daily/weekly/monthly views in my planner. It helps me stay on track with both what I need to do today as well as looking ahead in the week or month. There are a lot of free pages available that can be printed however knowing myself, I would probably take a page out and loose it as I become involved in what ever project I’m currently working on. The last several years I’ve turned to Cat Naps.

It is wire bound so I can leave it open atop my desk for quick daily checkins. I have important dates, appointments, moon cycle, holidays, and contact info that I transfer yearly into everyone. I usually purge or make changes as I go. I know your reading this and saying I have all that in my phone. I do too, but the tangible works better to help me stay on track.

As the bills arrive by mail I enter the due dates, and mail by dates. Jot gift ideas as I come across them by person. I often hear people say I wish I had this or that, if appropriate I make a note of it and the name. As my husband and I do not have 9 to 5s it helps track both income and expenses.

My digital lifesaver is a financial program I read about in a top app review… from

I love it!!! There are lots of competition in this area, probably including your regular bank.

Prism is a safe and secure way to not only keep up with but pay my bills as well. “Prism is the easy personal finance app for managing and paying bills. • “Love, love, love this app! For those of you stranded by Mint Bills…..This IS your life preserver ..”

It gives reminders, schedules payments, income and current balances of both bank accounts and credit cards. It saves me a great deal of time, stamps, and energy. Unlike some I don’t have to go between apps to get all the info I need. it does take some time for initial setup but so worth it! Even locks the info on your phone if you left it up. Keeps prying eyes out of your personal information yet with a pin code it can easily be synced to all your devices.

With these two it’s easy to control the chaos in my world. Well time to finish this up because according to my handy book it says I have more to do before hubby gets home from his job. Weeding recipes for collection cookbook to be ready for Mothers Day, Plan Easter Family Gathering, and take some free time to catch up on my to be read pile of books. What do you do to stay on track in your busy life?? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

I made it !!  I just had my 36th Birthday!   Anyone who is close to me knows that not too long ago the goal was to reach this age.   I’m not going to say its been easy…  I would like to think i’ve weathered the last few years withpoise and grace.   Overall I believe i’ve done rather well,  even when thoroughly aggravated or hit a low spot along the way .  What started as a stroke via a burst vessel in my brain,  is now a long recovery where we didn’t know how much damage there would be to regaining normal vision and balance.   I had to have specialized therapy to drink normal beverages and to walk again.   All the therapy and another brain surgery to remove some of the things that initially saved my life.  Turns out the tube had been giving me aweful dizziness and vertigo symptoms sometime just sitting up in bed.  That is how i spent my birthday one year later.  Last year my Christmas was spent clearing more complications this time in the form of a cyst from the original bleed that as it grew unoticed pressed on my spinal cord cutting off the messages my brain sent to my legs. I was so excited when post surgery and enough drugs to stand sitting up i could wiggle my toes.  I had read of people s o happy they cried but this was my first experience with that kind of joy.   Why am i telling you all this?   I implore people to stop living with regrets and procrastinación about your feelings.   Embrace how you feel and live the gift of life you’ve been given .  Smile,  laugh,  cry,  express your feelings , don’t wait to say i love you,  do not hesitate to clear the air with those closest to you.  Start with the general stuff as we focus on giving thanks,  endevore to make it a habit to look at all we have to be thankful for the whole year long.   Moms and dad’s,  granparents,  aunts and uncles,  friends and coworkers,  and most of all everyday you wake up to the prescious gift of children.  I have a new niece and nephew to spoil and my brothers oldest daughter who will start school soon.  I am so blessed that i get to meet them and watch them grow.   So as the hustle of the holidays begins,  remember to take time to appreciate all the blessings you already have .  Siblings,  parents, friends,  aunts,  and uncles,  never miss the chance to tell them how special they are to you. 

Easter with Children

As we fill baskets with bunnies and peeps it means  Easter celebrations are here!  Seriously what parent, or grandparent doesn’t want pictures of the children with a cute bunny, regular size, or one big enough to sit on and get photos galore.   What are the customs and traditions your family celebrate?  As adults my siblings and family strayed from big Easter festivities.  Now that my brothers have little children who believe in the Easter bunny visiting, I started pulling out some fun and easy projects to do.  We hope to have lots of egg hunters this year.   It will be fun to see ages 1 to 10 search for eggs hidden at various heights and skill levels. 

Pocket for bunny bait recipe to follow

Bunny Bait

I think shaving cream egg decorating might keep the four year old engaged till eggs are done.  I am asking her mother for old clothes, for both this and maybe some garden projects.  I just hope I can keep it out of hair!

Shaving Cream Dyed Eggs

We will probably have the most fun making their baskets this year.  Tutus for the little girls and Ninja Turtles for the boys.  I need to find something besides “Little Bunny Foufou” for the kids.

Anyone who knows me knows, I love make-ahead recipes. I found some favorites when hosting Mothers Day breakfasts (since I’m not a mom).  They love it because they don’t have to cook.  Well that and mimosas bar/punch, I serve with breakfast and Irish coffee all before church services, for those that attend. 

I keep everyone else’s schedule flexable while eyeing the children playing in the house, and fenced backyard.  All the while the rest of the adults get to hide eggs all over the front porch, and large front yard. 

  • Wind down with Dr Suess in the aftermath.  I finish cleaning up.  For Easter I will gladly put volunteers, and small children to work before they can indulge in those baskets. See links below for some of the best easy breakfast recipes I found on Pintrest.

My Easter Board on Pintrest

Happy Easter Brunch

Time to hop to it!  Decide on a menu that is. I love to do brunch on Easter.  It’s a great time to wow your guests without breaking a sweat.  Fresh flowers, and eggs are the perfect decorations to complete your family scene.
As we all peruse family traditions this Sunday morning, I find the timing of a brunch works with most schedules, and saves you money when love saving some money.  With a little easy prep done ahead, makes my job very easy.  A quick pick up, around the house, new towels in baths, clear away clutter, decorate areas for brunch.  I love the dollar tree for table cloths, and plastic table any extra serving dishes or utensils.  This makes my clean up really easy. Disposable plates and cups makes clean up so easy.  When everyone has left I simply throw away table cloths, napkins soiled plates, broken utensils, scoop it all up and throw away. I saw this and I’m trying it this year.  I hope it goes well without too much mess. This is too cute not to try, again dollar store basket so nothing to worry over at the end of the day.

These adorable guys are not only great treats but are helping decorate my Buffett tables.  If I was going for formal they would make the cutest place cards!

These double as treats that decorate until the egg hunts.  They would also make great prizes for games if you’re so inclined.

I’ve put pics and recipes on my Pinterest board   What do you think? http://pin.it/PlWL2ub Take a closer look! here’s the link.  I use both eggs i’ve colored and plastic for decoration.  Baked oatmeal with fruit, and village inn ultimate skillet copy cat.  Strong breakfast blend coffee hot or over ice with Bailey’s and khualua.  Mimosas or bellini, next to the pancakes, you choose the type of syrup. I make french toast casserole and baked oatmeal the night before. Set up the coffee pot, and arrange my placement of the coffee and adult drinks.  For the younger set bunny punch made from sparkling soda and fruit juices.  
Easter morning I put casseroles in the oven.  Add bacon and put eggs in muffin pan, also ready go into oven 30 and 15 minutes before serving.  Pull out pancake batter already made. Cook off pancakes, tent with foil for warmth. Add syrups and juices to respective spaces. Sit and enjoy my coffee until people arrive.  Make lasting memories and traditions to be passed on for generations to come.

.                         Show off your divine spark.

I would also like to extend super hugs, and thanks to my mom, Mary and grandmother Claudia, who both without fail made sure we not only felt loved and admired as children, but on through adulthood where we get to practice what we played.  A special thank you to the important men who molded and shaped me to respect myself and never doubt who I am.  To my Dad, David, Grandpa Ray, and Uncle Gene who I know watch over us from above. Finally, my husband, Scott who loves me enough to have married into our crazy family, and diverse siblings.  (I did too but 1200 miles away is different.)  To all my Family and Friends Happy Easter! 


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