Delightful December

December Holidays and History – December ushers in winter holidays such as Christmas, Kwanza, and Chanukah. It is also a time when families gather in the warmth of their homes. Throughout the month, our thoughts and actions turn toward charity and peace. During the twelfth and final month of the year, December inspires a flurry of …
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Observed annually on November 29th, Electronic Greetings Day encourages us to send an electronic greeting. At the same time, the day reminds us of how much things have changed.   The convenience and speed of sending an electronic greeting allows more people than ever to participate in this thoughtful process. We all enjoy it when …


Crossword Puzzle Day on December 21st commemorates the birth of a challenging word game enjoyed by millions around the world.   The first crossword puzzles were published in England in children’s books and other publications. They were simple word games derived from the word squares where letters were arranged in a square so that the words …
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Computer Security Day on November 30th reminds us to protect our computers. Every day, computers become faster and more advanced. Protecting the resources, tools, and information on them protects the people who use them, too.  Since the first home computer, how we use them has changed. Today, we use computers to stay connected. We bank …

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DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ENDS – First Sunday in November

Daylight Saving Time ends on the first Sunday in November at 2:00 AM. The practice of Daylight saving time (DST) (also known as summer time) advances clocks during the summer months. It causes us to lose an hour for one day. However, the practice allows people to get up earlier in the morning and experience …
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National Clean Out Your Virtual Desk Day

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day encourages everyone to take time to organize their virtual desktop. The observance takes place on the third Monday in October. This year that day is October 18th. Remember when your computer was new and the desktop was clean and organized? The trash file was empty. The only files on …
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A Girls Night…3 Activities to Try

Stress…What is so stressful in a woman’s life? Kids, meals, after school activities, job, laundry, house work, homework, school course load, errands.  I’m sure I can find women— even women with strong support systems, and helpful partners that need to blow off steam every now and again. Women to a large degree juggle a lifestyle that would …
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