Outlander Update

I finally got the finale to load so I could see it. OMG!!! Like so many other accounts/reviews I’ve read I laughed, I cried, sitting on the edge of my seat for what would happen next the entire time.

Season 4 Finale

Bree’s (and Roger’s) baby is beautiful. I ken Roger does not yet know for sure if it’s his, but he loves Bree enough to raise the child as his own. Even knowing about Bonnet, Roger is the better man and will defiantly be the boys father. Bree, from her own experience be able to comfort him on that point. While I wish they had time to show the father, daughter reunion and forgiveness, with everything else going on in this episode I understand not everything could be shown. I think they have forgiven each other. Even with the scene and dialog not shown, I think they convey it when they look at each other. I also bet Jamie got some one on one private time with the baby just like he did with in season 2 with Jenny ‘ s.

Ian’s choice was not an easy one for anyone. I know Jamie and Claire are quite upset by it. Yet you can see both their reluctance and acceptance in thier expressions. This is some really fine acting. Truly you can practically read their thoughts. If anyone holds any doubt about Ian’s choice all one has to do is look back to his fascination with the Indians. It runs so deep he has learned thier language enough to not only understand it but to interpret it as well. If there is any doubt left just look at his face after the gauntlet. Though parting is hard he has become a real man and his worth like Jamie’s is evident in his ability to give his word and mean it.

Roger I’m glad to say by his reunion scene is no longer tetering on the edge of a breakdown. I’m so glad he and Jamie cleared the air. Roger needed to know the whole story, and even though they were trying to protect Bree, Jamie had it coming. He knew it. Men have thier own code and manner of dealing with such emotionally charged issues. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “It’s a guy thing.” Some are very critical of him not being there when the Fraser’s reunite, but honestly with everything that’s happened I truly can’t blame him for wanting a moment without basic survival hanging like a noose over his head to sort it out. Between his physical trama,and the emotional upheavals he’s had in the space of a few weeks and hours the guy needs to catch his breath so to speak. Can you imagine the self castigation, coupled with anger if you had a fight that ended in angry words, then learned after you both storm off in different directions that your partner was attacked, raped, and due to circumstance now blames themselves for the angry words you exchanged in the heat if an arguement? Protecting those we love is an ingrained human response. To learn what happened when they were left alone, for even a short period of time has to weigh heavily on them. Roger is no different than Jenny, Jamie, Claire, or a parent anywhere in the world.

The scenes in the future are both intriguing and satisfying. As I connected it later it bodes well for Ian’s future. Murtagh and Jocasta was also a pleasant suprise. The building tensions and banter between them has hinted that they both have enough fire and spirit see this next twist into the future. The letter will also provide a good dose of fancy footwork in the future. Season 5 cannot get here soon enough and from the questions left and the march of time it’s going to be a wild ride.

I wonder at what point Bree and Roger return to the future? How much more of Otter tooth will we see and learn? Ooh and is Otter tooth related to them? Maybe a decendent in Ians line? With Ian’s acceptance does that make Otter Tooth, part of the Fraser clan many decades later? Is this how he learns of the ability to time travel? It is hinted that the opal stone that causes such strife in the Indian village has some interesting powers.

I’m filling my Droughtlander time with the books and probably an entire re-watch of the show to make it through. Now I just have to convince myself to start at the beginning of the books instead of jumping straight into The Firey Cross. How will you spend yours? Leave a comment below if you are liking these posts and any suggestions or ideas on how to cope until season 5.

The year is 1771, and war is coming. Jamie Fraser’s wife tells him so. Little as he wishes to, he must believe it, for hers is a gift of dreadful prophecy—a time-traveler’s certain knowledge. Born in the year of Our Lord 1918, Claire Randall served England as a nurse on the battlefields of World War II, and in the aftermath of peace found fresh conflicts when she walked through a cleftstone on the Scottish Highlands and found herself an outlander, an English lady in a place where no lady should be, in a time—1743—when the only English in Scotland were the officers and men of King George’s army. Now wife, mother, and surgeon, Claire is still an outlander, out of place, and out of time, but now, by choice, linked by love to her only anchor—Jamie Fraser. Her unique view of the future has brought him both danger and deliverance in the past; her knowledge of the oncoming revolution is a flickering torch that may light his way through the perilous years ahead—or ignite a conflagration that will leave their lives in ashes….

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Outlander Season 4

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It’s Beginning to look A Lot Like Christmas

Ahhh as the song says break out the Holly .  As everyone gets ready Christmas.   Lights up outside,  tree with all the ornaments.   My first we’re kept and passed down to me so when additions to our family arrive it’s sure to be on a list.   At 37 my first halmark rocking horse holds a place of honor.   I find my self really missing my dad this time of the year.   Every year after my parents bought this house my dad took great pride in decorating the outside with lights.   For the last several years it was a special memory that we shared.

I would take my regular day off and meet early for breakfast,  then spend the day getting them up.   I climb the ladders , he hands them up and helps with ground level,  and the front porch.   As grown children we all have our own families,  so usually we would be finishing when my mom got home work . She would cook something wonderfully homemade,  my husband would join us,  for a nice quiet evening to admire our hard work. 
I thank God everyday for the time i got with my father before cancer took him from us.  
“No more lives torn apart,  everyone will find a friend,  right will always win.   This is my grown up Christmas wish list”.  It hits home at this time of year .  I was lucky and reminded at my brothers wedding when I watched my brothers wife enjoy her father/daughter dance. 

So as the shopping , decorating and general merry making goes full speed ahead,  make time for the special moments,  yes even adult children should hope to have them while parents and grandparents are still here.   I’m working on a family cookbook full of favorite recipes from mom, grandma, aunts and cousins before they disapprare.  I’m including photos and memories disks.  I look forward to baking with my mom every year it’s one of those special times .  I hope my nieces get to join in the fun.  You can be assured that powdered sugar and flour will dust a lot of surfaces,  and the adults will have “spiked egg juice”.   That’s eggnog according to my five year old niece .  So here’s to family recipe’s,  and Holly,  whatever the tradition share your favorites.   Enjoy every moment for time and those memories are what we take with us always.   In the meantime I know my dad will always live on in our hearts,  and what we pass on will shape them and our world in future years to come.

Superhero week

Okay for the Star Wars fans May the 4th be with you.  Travel the galaxy they said, learn the ways of the force  and play with lightsaber.  As Yoda says “There is no try.  Do or do not” .   That is my current attitude in physical therapy.  For a year and six months I’ve been fighting to be able to start out patient physical therapy to stand up!  I’m happy to announce due to my doctors and I fighting insurance red tape and people who should not have a place in healthcare, I’m finally seeing a real therapist twice a week.  With a special lift for this situation, I’m happy to say I can stand under my own power!  The force is defiantly with me now.  Thank you to the therapists who inspire this every day. A special thank you to all nurses including the ones at my doctors office who helped me fight to get services that are supposedly covered by my insurance. These amazing people wade through things I do not want to think about.  Bring comfort, hope and a warm smile, while keeping up with more patients, who let’s face it most of us admitted to hospital are not usually at our best, than most of us could do.  They run errands, give meds, dodge verbal barbs.  They actually see the doctor, and attempt to carry out their orders and make sure you get the care you deserve.  When they describe nursing on career day, I’m betting this was not the job description that you happily volunteered for.  Nurses should have their own superhero costumes.  CNA, RN, ARPRN, CCRN, and i’m sure I missed some, I apologize,  these people do amazing things everyday, then do it all again tomorrow.

Last and by no means least Mothers Day.  What does it take to be a mom?  Somewhere out there should be a course, boot camp, or crash course for this vital role.  Any woman can have a baby!  That’s what I grew up thinking.  As i’ve grown and matured I have learned that while most women can conceive, and give birth not all moms are created equally.  I was lucky.  My mom is someone to look up to.  I always thought when I grow up that’s what I want to be like. Minus the things she did that made me mad…   I dreamed as most little girls do of getting married, having a family…  becoming a stay at home mom was my goal after school.  

I had interests in computer sciences, and took business and technology in line with pursuing college.  It just didn’t work out to finish my degree. “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” I don’t remember who said it first anymore, but I moved on.  Met and fell in love with what at the time I thought to be a good choice…..I should have listened to my mother the first time.  So I moved away from home, embarked on a new career oriented life that I was reasonably good at, and started making my way in the world.  Family was always there if needed, and my mom became my best friend now that we stopped arguing.  

This time I listened and took a good long time before marriage. Even with my career I still held that stay at home mom dream.  I wanted to meet my children when they came home from school.  Our house usually smelled like homemade bread, or cookies.  My mom made dinner every night and we ate as a family.  After homework, we played games or perused other projects that were important at school or various after school activities. They were never too busy to help with homework or school projects.  It was so cool when your mom was your scout leader!  Camping, crafts, she did both my Girl Scout Troop and my brothers Cub and Boy Scouts.
That was my dream.  As I look back there must have been some planning by a higher being in my life.  In 2013 we learned to be grateful that we failed.  After many attempts we learned that a pregnancy would have killed me.  For those who don’t know I suffered a burst aneurysm stroke.  The danger I’m told had been there for years, and had it happened during labor it would have severely limited what doctors could do for either of us.

After my stroke I moved back home this time with hubby in tow.  My disabilities make it beyond my abilities to do all the house upkeep my self and as my mom likes to joke as she adds in her age together we almost have the abilities of a single person.  With daddy passing on so unexpectedly, it’s a good fit.  Grannies, as the babies call her loves spending time with the grandbabies.  As I finish therapy we hope to make some changes to the house we didn’t know we’d want or need.  I know from the expressions on their faces, when Grammie hugs you close they feel the same love I still have.  If i’ve forgotten to say it recently, as I often do, Thank you Mom for being there.  For being the parent I didn’t always like but needed. I love you.  I still hold out hope that maybe one day if I cannot have children of my own I can be one of the special moms, who make you feel like this as they knowingly take on the step mom role.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there finding a way to make it work everyday. Most of all take the time to celebrate her. Don’t forget Grandma’s a lot of whom deserve a Mothers Day card too.

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