The woman who quoted the above didn’t fair well in history. Cake is now both widely enjoyed, and luckily for us easily available.

Whether from a local bakery or a creation all your own cake is used in alot of our celebrations today. Pair it with ice cream and you have a recipe for one of Americas favorite desserts.

Birthdays, weddings, breakfast, anniversaries, we tend to bring cake into each one. With all the possibilities out there who can blame us. For a soothing experience try a video of modern cake decorating on YouTube. So now you can have your cake, decorate, and eat it too.

National Cake Day

National Bundt Cake Day

National Dessert Day

Chocolate Cupcake Day

Vanilla Cupcake Day

Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

National Sponge Cake Day

Angel Food Cake Day

Cake Decorating Day

American Flag Cake

Chocolate Cake Day

Devils Food Cake Day