Happy Halloween

Enjoy the fun and be safe. Check out our Halloween playlist and Favorite Halloween movies.

NATIONAL GHOST HUNTING DAY – Last Saturday in September

On the last Saturday in September as part of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt, National Ghost Hunting Day kicks off an annual international investigation of the paranormal. Ghost hunting stirs up images of abandoned mansions with murderous histories. For others, ghost hunting involves specters guarding ancient crypts. Centuries-old ghost stories around the world focus on …
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Halloween Playlist

Looking for some atmosphere for Halloween?  This Playlist is great for parties or Trick or Treat.  So light up your Jack O’ Lantern and enjoy.  Enjoy a movie night with these favorites for Halloween. I put a spell on you Come little children The Adam’s Family Transylvania Twist Hosting a party, Trick or Treat, or …
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Halloween Safety Month is an annual designation observed in October. Halloween is a fun holiday for friends and families, but since it usually involves being outdoors late into the evening, it’s important to keep safety in mind when you’re out celebrating this spooky holiday.  The National Safety Council says in 2013, an estimated 6,100 pedestrian …
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Groovin’ to the Oldies

To me oldies are older than the 80’s. You know you’re attaining age when time life has an infomercial on the decades you grew up in. Well that’s a wrap! Have a favorite to add? Leave title and artist in the comments, and keep on Grovin.

Hello October

Hello October. Well here we are coming to the end of another year. Aside from the Halloween preparations, I start reviewing what I need to get done when completing this year. It seems like I blinked after June and here we are. October Birthdays October birthdays get our unique birthstone of Opals. Opal is the birthstone for …
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Music and Movies

On a dark, and spooky night…. Maybe you are hosting a costume party, heading for one or just treating your trick or treaters these songs will put you in the Halloween mood. So download your favorites and turn up the sound. I’ve also included some of the movies and shows if your in the mood …
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Halloween gives us all permission to play dress up and induldge in some fun. You don’t have to buy a costume every year, in fact you may have what you need in the closet right now. Look online for popular costumes any girl can be a princess with a belled formal from the specialty section …
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