If the mouthwatering aromas wafting down the street haven’t told you, we will; May 16th is National Barbecue Day!

The purist in the world of barbecue either uses charcoal, wood, or gas and slow cooks the protein over indirect heat. While the type of protein and seasonings vary, each part of the country specializes in their own flavors and sauces.

For example, more tangy BBQ with a vinegar base can be found in North Carolina. South Carolina leans toward a sweeter sauce. The sauce can be applied thick or thin, giving it more of a glaze. Turn up the heat by adding spices and peppers. Smoking meat is another way to add flavor and tenderness, too.

Unique ingredients come from ketchup, mustard and Worcestershire, brown sugar, soy, and molasses. But you never know what combination of spices a barbecue master has in his or her repertoire. They’ve spent years perfecting their trade.

Pork is the original barbecue meat, but beef, chicken, lamb, and other proteins find their way into barbecue. If you think it’s just about the meat, you’d be wrong. The sides are just as important when it comes to good barbecue. An ideal coleslaw will pair well with a shredded bbq pork and make the perfect sandwich.  The macaroni and cheese, potatoes and bbq baked beans – these are all staples of barbecue flavors.

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Visit your favorite bbq restaurant.  The best places have a line and sell out early.  Or, plan ahead and make your one bbq. It’s also National BBQ Month so, enjoy the month.  It’ll be delicious! Use #NationalBBQDay and #NationalBarbecueDay to share on social media.


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