Gifts for Fathers Day

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Fathers hold a special place in our hearts. I’m pleased to say that while mine is no longer with me in body he still speaks in my head. We’ve all had that person in our lives. Even now I’m surprised when I open my mouth and someone else’s words pop out.

Fathers Day gift guide Electronics
Father’s Day Day Electronics
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Gaming gifts for Dad
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My dad was a hard worker. He taught the life lessons that I would need. Everything from how yo change a tire, to sayings like “Pardon my excruciating lack of vocabulary, but could you please endeavour to state the matter more distinctly?” Integrity, responsibility, common sense… As I look around today all I can say is thank you daddy. Please do not attempt to repaint St Peter’s gate into heaven.

While I miss seeing his smiling face or the scent that was all his, aftershave, car oil, and I him. His stubbly cheeks that rub when you get that hug after a long day at work. Or the tickle fests if you pestered him right after getting home. I hope all the Fathers today are as special and loved. So here’s to all the Dads this Father’s Day.

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