On April 3rd, National Film Score Day recognizes the musical masterpieces called “Film Scores” and, more specifically, the very talented composers who create them. As the opening scenes of a long-anticipated movie begin flickering across the screen, a rising cadence undulates through the theater setting the mood. A musical note plays, then two. Soon the …
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The Music from Musicals Playlist

On Broadway or the silver screen musicals still hold a definite place in our hearts. From Andrew Lloyd Weber to The Greatest Shoman, almost any Disney movie they are the songs you sing along with and cannot forget. Feel free to sing along. The Lion King Disney’s Cinderella Roger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella The Little Mermaid …
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Valentines Gifts

So the correct answer for Valentines Day is I treat them this way everyday. For those of us who like to use this opportunity for some extra loving from others or just for yourself feel free to make this day special. Jewelry, chocolates, flowers, tools, electronics, all make the list for Valentines Day.  Make your …
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Valentines Playlist

A night in, dinner for two, these songs will make your Valentines Day even more special. Find your favorites to add more romance. Music not your thing? Try some of these movies instead. However you celebrate take this opportunity to show the ones you love how much you care.