National Preparedness Month

Disasters don’t plan ahead, but you can. The entire month of September observes National Preparedness Month. No matter where you live, you are subject to disasters. Natural disaster and man-made disasters affect everyone and will cause severe damage and endanger lives. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, landslides, wildfires, hot spells or cold spells are all natural disasters …
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Hurricane Readiness

With the month of June comes sunny skies, fireflies, barbeques and yes, hurricane season. With the first named hurricane of the season, the time to prepare is now! We live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. While beachfront and outdoor living are must haves in …
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Disaster Supplies

What Do You Need In A Survival Kit?At a minimum, you should have the basic supplies listed below: Water: one gallon per person, per day (3-day supply for evacuation, 2-week supply for home)Food: non-perishable, easy-to-prepare items (3-day supply for evacuation, 2-week supply for home)FlashlightBattery-powered or hand-crank radio (NOAA Weather Radio, if possible)Extra batteries Deluxe family …
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Hurricanes!  What you need to know.

Okay thought this would be a good time to review the basics as we once again face possible storms. Most items gathered here are for almost all natural disasters Mother Nature throws our way. All household members should know what to do in case of any kind of emergency, Get a plan for Hurricanes, Tornado, …
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Hurricanes!  What you need to know.

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