What to say or do on our Anniversary. Hard to believe I married the man who became my best friend so many years ago. While I’ll be the first to admit it’s not always perfect, all these years later I’m still incredibly happy with my choice.

I changed cities, jobs and even living arrangements all in a very short period of time. I moved to a new city, got a new boss and ended up getting a divorce and needing a new car in a very short few months. Through it all, I had become friends with someone whose laughter and support helped lift me up. We became best friends so when he proposed “putting a ring on it” I said “Yes!!!”

He’s never given me a reason to doubt my sanity or the trust we have built through the years. Having survived a severe stroke and other health issues he has been my rock. So while my cat has deserted sleeping with me to cuddle with him, we still are going strong. While I may not live in a fairytale world, I cannot see anyone else being such a prince charming. Happy 19th Anniversary. Even though we say it every night it needs to be repeated…”I Love You”, and would you please take out the trash.

So today we celebrate 19 years if marriage. I hope if you want it you get to enjoy the same. So we’re celebrating with a quiet night in. A special dinner and some more time to simply enjoy each other. It’s the main reason we got married after all….

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