Balloons Around the World Day

Balloons Around The World is a made-up holiday that aims to spread cheer around the world. It is celebrated annually on October 1.

The unofficial holiday was created by Jeff Brown in 2000. The holiday encourages people to use balloons and the art of balloon twisting and decorating to bring smiles to the faces of those around them.

Balloons are bags, usually colorful and made of rubber or latex that can be filled with air or gases like Helium. Early balloons were made of animal bladders. While balloons are frequently used for decorative purposes, they can also be used for transportation, to gather atmospheric information, and by doctors to open up clogged arteries.

How to Celebrate?

  • Have a party and use balloons for decoration.
  • Learn how to make balloon animals and objects.
  • If you already know how to make balloon objects, make some and give out to random people on the street and see them smile.
  • What about taking that special one on a hot air balloon ride?

Other days to use balloons….

Did You Know…

…that rubber balloons were invented by scientist Michael Faraday in 1824?


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