Classic Ceasar Salad

This simple salad goes so well with almost anything. Bbq, first course, dinner party, you can also add things to make it a meal centerpiece.

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1 head Fresh romain lettuce
5 oz Fresh grated Parmesean cheese
2 cups Croutons
1/2 c Classic Ceasar dressing


Roughly chop or tear romaine into bite size pieces
Add grated parmesean cheese
Add Cesar light amount of classic Ceasar dressing
Mix well
Add croutons
Serve well chilled

The amounts will depend on how many you are serving and your own tastes of course.  You can add things like cooked chicken, tuna, cooked shrimp, to make it a lunch or dinner main course.  You may need slightly more dressing if using add ins.  Always add croutons last.  Dressing should be just enough to get cheese to stick to romaine.  By adding croutons last they will remain crunchy.  Follow this rule especially if preparing ahead. 

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