These have been a tradition in our family for mor than 20 years. Every Christmas my mom makes these. Their only fault is there never seem to be enough of them.

They differ from others like rum balls that are also quite good by the obvious choice of liquor. For more information on bourbon and rum checkout these holidays in thier honor. If you do try your hand at it, it is recommended that you make them early. They are better with age and a second dose of bourbon. Then rerolled in confectioner’s sugar.

by KitchenAid


1 1/4 cups Vanilla Waffers finely crushed

2 Tbsp Cocoa powder

1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

1 cup Black Walnuts finely chopped (the original recipe called for pecans but the walnuts go better with the bourbon)

2 Tbsp light corn syrup

1 1/2 cups confectioners sugar

by KitchenAid


  • Grind Vanilla waffers. If you have a stand mixer like the Kitchen Aid that has always been an essential part of our kitchen, use the attachment, then measure into main mixer bowl
  • Combine Waffer crumbs, 1 cup confectioner’s sugar, Black Walnuts and Cocoa powder.
  • Slowly add corn syrup and bourbon alternating the two.
  • Mix well. It will be quite sticky.
  • Spray hands with cooking spray.
  • Shape into 1 inch balls
  • Roll balls in 1/2 cup remaining confectioner’s sugar
  • Store in airtight container
  • Makes 3 dozen