One Hit Wonders Playlist

One hit wonders, the songs everybody loves and the bands that never had another big hit. Did you know Sugar, Sugar was from a fake band? So here is a playlist that I know you’ll love. After all if the songs wern’t big they wouldn’t have been such a hit. 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 00’s …
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Groovin’ to the Oldies

To me oldies are older than the 80’s. You know you’re attaining age when time life has an infomercial on the decades you grew up in. Well that’s a wrap! Have a favorite to add? Leave title and artist in the comments, and keep on Grovin.


Halloween gives us all permission to play dress up and induldge in some fun. You don’t have to buy a costume every year, in fact you may have what you need in the closet right now. Look online for popular costumes any girl can be a princess with a belled formal from the specialty section …
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