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Okay, okay, I admit it. I never thought the words “I love the devil” would fall into my vocabulary, much less this Catholic girls mouth, but as the line goes “What’s not to love!” As redemption is always worth while, the character Lucifer Morningstar deserves it far more than most.

Seeing both sides of this story reinforces the message of forgiveness and let’s face it the casts portrayals are nothing short of brilliant. It’s a crime for tv this good show to end. I look forward to seeing more projects from Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D. B. Woodside, Kevin Alejehadro, Rachel Harris, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and Aimee Garcia, among my favorites.

I love the way music is used in this show. As expressions that mere words cannot convey, the music is not only a tribute to the talent that can sing, but adds new dimensions to the characters. Married to a musician may make me slightly biased but, it also allows me to fairly judge a performance too. My own singing experiences taught me just how difficult some of these are. If I had to single out a song as my ultimate favorite it would be Bridge over Troubled Water. Ellis and Brianna Hildebrand bring the song to life. I do not own video. But, it is compelling enough alone to buy the entire album…

All along the watchtower Tom Ellis
All Along The Watchtower
I want to be Evil Lesley-Ann Brandt
I Want to be Evil
Another on bites the dust Tom Ellis, Tom Ellis,, Kevin Alejehadro, Aimee Garcia
Another One Bites the Dust
He'll, Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D. B. Woodside, Kevin Alejehadro, Rachel Harris, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and Aimee Garcia, among my favorites
Eternal Flame Tom Ellis
Eternal Flame
Fever Lindsey Gort
My love will never die feat. Claire Wyndham
My Love Will Never Die
Champagne Supernova Scala & Kolacny Brothers
Champagne Supernova
Creep Tom Ellis
Wicked Game Tom Ellis
Wicked Game
Bad to the bone/ No Scrubs Lesley-Ann Brandt,  Aimee Garcia
Bad to the Bone / No Scrubs
Noreg Skye Townsend
Sinnerman Tom Ellis
I Dreamed a Dream (feat. Tom Ellis & Dennis Haysbert)
I Dreamed a Dream
Just the Two of Us (feat. Rachael Harris & D.B. Woodside)
Just the Two of Us
Someone to Watch Over Me (feat. Tom Ellis & Lesley Ann-Brandt)
Someone to Watch Over Me
I Will Survive (feat. Tom Ellis & Skye Townsend)
I Will Survive

Watch or just listen either way it’s definitely on my “Do Not Miss List”.


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