This is a Breyers recipe that I’ve played with substitutions for our low carb, Keto Friendly diet.  *This is reduced carbs so watch the numbers.*  If making something like this I make sure I’ve left room in my carb count for it.  If the choices are bread or pasta or ice cream with peaches, well you can guess which I’m choosing.

Original Recipe can be found here.


1 1/2 pint of fresh raspberries
(I use Kodiak Rasberry syrup for less carbs and no sugar) bonus it’s ready;
1 Tbsp sugar
1tsp lemon juice
15 oz can sliced peaches in 100% juice
Or about 2 cups (3 lg fresh peaches)
4 scoops Bryers French Vanilla Ice Cream (Carb Smart Vanilla is good)

Rasberry SauceIn food processor or blender add raspberries, sugar and lemon juice. Blend/process on high speed about 1 minute.


Spoon peaches evenly into 4 dessert cups
Top with 1 scoop Breyer’s Ice cream
Drizzle each dish with raspberry sauce/syrup.

Find a local farmers market for the freshest local produce.