Enjoy Some Devililtry this September….

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All joking aside, what’s not to love? Lucifer is definitely worth the watch. Tom Ellis brings Lucifer Morningstar to life. Everthing from his devilishly good looks, charm, whit, and character that will make you laugh and touch you deeply.

I know the show has been around for a while but I’ve only recently discovered it. I am awaiting some delayed by the pandemic. As disappointed as others have left me I was really pleasantly surprised. Thin characters and plots will find me changing channels with great frequency. Lucifer characters are well written, deep and multifaceted.

The mix of crime drama, comedy, and relationships depicted are brilliantly brought to life. With a suave style and an accent that will not be forgotten, the Lucifer Morningstar character is what a lot of us dream about finding. As a happily married woman it’s nice to see some of these characteristics portrayed on screen.

For years I’ve not been one to be engaged by tv shows. Most are not my cup of tea. Someone it would appear is finally listening. Outlander, Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Nancy Drew, Star Trek Discovery, Discovery of Witches, Bridgerton, and now Lucifer makes my list of shows that I’m not just enjoying, for the first time in forever I’m actually willing to spend money on them. Congratulations to the show runners as this is a feat that would never have happened 10 years ago.

Be sure to check out the fantastic musical talents of this devil too.


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