As we fill baskets with bunnies and peeps it means  Easter celebrations are here!  Seriously what parent, or grandparent doesn’t want pictures of the children with a cute bunny, regular size, or one big enough to sit on and get photos galore.   What are the customs and traditions your family celebrate?  As adults my siblings and family strayed from big Easter festivities.  Now that my brothers have little children who believe in the Easter bunny visiting, I started pulling out some fun and easy projects to do.  We hope to have lots of egg hunters this year.   It will be fun to see ages 1 to 10 search for eggs hidden at various heights and skill levels. 

Pocket for bunny bait recipe to follow
Bunny Bait

I think shaving cream egg decorating might keep the four year old engaged till eggs are done.  I am asking her mother for old clothes, for both this and maybe some garden projects.  I just hope I can keep it out of hair!

Shaving Cream Dyed Eggs

We will probably have the most fun making their baskets this year.  Tutus for the little girls and Ninja Turtles for the boys.  I need to find something besides “Little Bunny Foufou” for the kids.

Anyone who knows me knows, I love make-ahead recipes. I found some favorites when hosting Mothers Day breakfasts (since I’m not a mom).  They love it because they don’t have to cook.  Well that and mimosas bar/punch, I serve with breakfast and Irish coffee all before church services, for those that attend. 

I keep everyone else’s schedule flexable while eyeing the children playing in the house, and fenced backyard.  All the while the rest of the adults get to hide eggs all over the front porch, and large front yard. 

  • Wind down with Dr Suess in the aftermath.  I finish cleaning up.  For Easter I will gladly put volunteers, and small children to work before they can indulge in those baskets. See links below for some of the best easy breakfast recipes I found on Pintrest.

My Easter Board on Pintrest

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