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If you’ve seen anything in this blog before you know I’m a book lover. Well I’m playing catch up. I passed over the Outlander series several years back upon encountering the books. I’m so sorry I did. The only reasons I can site are no one told me about them, and the cover art and titles didn’t catch my intrest. My sincerest apologies to the goddess author Diana Gabaldon. I saw some of the Outlander fever online, and went to look. I saw Season 1, episode 1 of the series from Starz and I’m hooked.

Time travel, Scottish Highlands,romance….what’s not to love. I saw the term knee porn used the other day and while I would normally never take this seriously, I have to agree that the character of Jamie Frasier in a kilt is a true sight to behold. I started falling in love with the depth of the characters, story line, and while Jamie is my favorite, Claire is very compelling as well.Where else can you find a WWII nurse transported back in time to 1743 in the Highlands of Scotland. There she meets a handsome, noble Scottish warrior. With no idea how or opportunity to return to her own time she weds him for protection in a world where women have little choice. Adventures ensue bringing encounters with the British soldiers of the time of great unrest in the country. I fell in love with the young highland warrior for his principles, strength of character, and okay I’ll admit it he does look good in a kilt. His character is tempered with vulnerabilities that he only shows to Claire and the reader/viewer.

I must admit I enjoyed a good binge watch to catch up to season 4. Now I have to read the books as well. The longest part of my week is waiting for the next episode. Sunday evenings will never be the same in my house. I am currently buying all of the books in print and awaiting the release of the next one too. I’ve read snipets shared online pertaining to various scenes and know from just the pieces I’ve read these will quickly make my favorite author list. Have you read these yet? Are you a fan of the show? I’ve seen the comments about the differences between the books and the show, it makes me want both experiences all the more. I’m now Outlander obsessed. I caught the fever and couldn’t be happier about it. I can happily recommend both the show and from what I’ve read so far the books as well.

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I made it !!  I just had my 36th Birthday!   Anyone who is close to me knows that not too long ago the goal was to reach this age.   I’m not going to say its been easy…  I would like to think i’ve weathered the last few years withpoise and grace.   Overall I believe i’ve done rather well,  even when thoroughly aggravated or hit a low spot along the way .  What started as a stroke via a burst vessel in my brain,  is now a long recovery where we didn’t know how much damage there would be to regaining normal vision and balance.   I had to have specialized therapy to drink normal beverages and to walk again.   All the therapy and another brain surgery to remove some of the things that initially saved my life.  Turns out the tube had been giving me aweful dizziness and vertigo symptoms sometime just sitting up in bed.  That is how i spent my birthday one year later.  Last year my Christmas was spent clearing more complications this time in the form of a cyst from the original bleed that as it grew unoticed pressed on my spinal cord cutting off the messages my brain sent to my legs. I was so excited when post surgery and enough drugs to stand sitting up i could wiggle my toes.  I had read of people s o happy they cried but this was my first experience with that kind of joy.   Why am i telling you all this?   I implore people to stop living with regrets and procrastinación about your feelings.   Embrace how you feel and live the gift of life you’ve been given .  Smile,  laugh,  cry,  express your feelings , don’t wait to say i love you,  do not hesitate to clear the air with those closest to you.  Start with the general stuff as we focus on giving thanks,  endevore to make it a habit to look at all we have to be thankful for the whole year long.   Moms and dad’s,  granparents,  aunts and uncles,  friends and coworkers,  and most of all everyday you wake up to the prescious gift of children.  I have a new niece and nephew to spoil and my brothers oldest daughter who will start school soon.  I am so blessed that i get to meet them and watch them grow.   So as the hustle of the holidays begins,  remember to take time to appreciate all the blessings you already have .  Siblings,  parents, friends,  aunts,  and uncles,  never miss the chance to tell them how special they are to you. 

My Top Ten-ish Favorite Books

Sorry only picking ten is really hard!

Where to start?  I’m a nerd. Cute, but still a nerd.  I’ll take a book any day vs a tv show, or company.  I read an average novel in about three days if fitting it in around other activities.  Since my stroke it takes longer and they are easier to see on electronic device.  Of the two I prefer the real thing, there is an experience that occurs between the reader and a real book.  While the electronic device is easier to see, I still prefer the original paper version. I also prefer the paperback version since they are easier to carry where ever I go.  I always have a book with me.

I have developed a strong taste for historical romance fiction. These are not your mothers romance novels.   Paranormal is defiantly Sherilynn Kenyon,  Military Suzanne Brockmann, Suspense are defiantly the Odd series.  Julia Quinn, Loretta Chase, Lisa Kleypas, are some of my go to favorites.  I have the whole collections in my bookcase.  I also enjoy the play on words Sarah Mcclean uses  in her titles. Some authors are even good enough with their prose to make me laugh out loud.(quite a feat for a book with no pictures). 

Who doesn’t love a navy SEAL? Or maybe a whole team?

Will engage you heart and soul.

Some authors have several series imprint some under pseudonym, most under the original name. I have concentrated lately, to add the rest of my favorites to my kindle.  I already own most print books, which creates the problem of not enough bookcases.  I try to catch them on kindle deals. 
If I had to pick just one author to put at the top of my list it would be Sherrilynn Kenyon, and her pseudonym Kinley MacGregor.  She writes several series including suspense with B.A.D, science fiction or futuristic League series, paranormal, Dark Hunters, Ware-Hunter, and Dream Hunter, young adult in Chronicles of Nick, and historical under Kinley MacGregor.

Love her books awaiting her newest book with baited breath, and wild anticipation.

I can’t begin to list all my favorites in a variety of genes.  Try a couple from your local library before getting your own copy.  Some authors that have great series, that have yet to be made a movie or tv shoe.  In fact every time I see another remake movie I wish I could send Hollywood a library card.  There is no better way to travel across the world, or time and space, than curled in my favorite chair with a good book.

.                Her characters are highly developed, and will touch your heart as they struggle to overcome the objectives in their path. 

.  Sebastian St Vincent and Evie are two characters you will not easily forget as they engage in a test of wills that will bring out the best in them both.  Get caught in this battle of wills between a redhead and her shyness. A man spoiled young man about town  to which life while not perfect comes far to easily. Can he learn to love someone more than himself?  Is Evie worth the effort, only he can answer that.
I’ve included some links below and don’t be afraid to try your local library.  Mine you can download ebooks like a regular library checks them out.  Some even have narrated audio books.  Amazon can get you anything not easy to find.  I have a Barnes and Nobles, I prefer my Books A Million store for easy orders and better selection. So bring on the warm tea and my favorite chair here’s to the new releases for 2017!

Who’s your favorite Author?  Let us know what your favorite book or books are?  Who are you reading?     Don’t forget to subscribe.  See our Facebook page, please like and share!                                                                                  C.S.


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