This Devilish delight has been airing on Netflix since 2016. As September 2021, will sadly end the series after 6 seasons, it will be missed. As it was originally slated as only 5 seasons, but begging fans have helped us get a 6th season.

Totally Worth a Binge!

So I had bypassed the show for years, and recently caught a clip that intrigued. In order to be ready for the Season premiere September 10, 2021, a binge watch was in order. After all 5 seasons to catch up was definitely in order.

I was hooked from “Hello!” In a Britsh accent, no less as “The Devil” helps a homicide detective solve murders with the LAPD. Tom Ellis, brings this quirky, delightful character to life with curiosity, humor, and enthusiasm for life. While simultaneously making connections and sometimes annoying his Dective partner Clohe Decker (Luaren German). With Maze, his personal Demon (Lesley-Ann Brandt), Dr Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) therapist, Amendeil (D. B. Woodside) his big brother, and others, he discovers one of humanity’s greatest gifts…the ability to love and be loved.

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Official Lucifer

As I’m not big on tv shows I really hope this one gets a spin off. The entire cast is worth following.