February is a month of love and romance. So it’s no surprise it is also designated as National Creative Romance Month.

Psychologists tell us dating is vital to a relationship. A date is not something to be tolerated or suffered through. Instead, dating should be fun and pleasurable for both parties. Psychologists also stress the importance of trying new and different things to boost relationships to become more romantic and fun.

A surprise getaway is a great way to get your partner excited about some alone time. Keep them guessing by making the surprise destination into a game. For example, cut up a brochure and have your partner assemble it like a jigsaw puzzle! You might even consider blindfolding your partner and then driving them to your destination as a surprise. A blindfold may not be feasible depending on how long it takes to arrive at your surprise, of course.

Movie nights are also a great way to bring some romance back into your relationship. Plan a night out at the movies. Make it extra special by finding a drive-in movie theater near you. Make the drive-in movie extra special by renting a classic car. Afterward, you might spend a little time stargazing together.

Planning a date during the day can also be special. Start by visiting your partner’s favorite museum or art gallery. Then, continue the date with a picnic in the park by filling a picnic basket with some of your partner’s favorite wines, cheeses, and fruits. Picnics are so much fun that July is designated as National Picnic Month. Plan your spread in front of a cozy fire for a winter picnic.

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