Time to hop to it!  Decide on a menu that is. I love to do brunch on Easter.  It’s a great time to wow your guests without breaking a sweat.  Fresh flowers, and eggs are the perfect decorations to complete your family scene.
As we all peruse family traditions this Sunday morning, I find the timing of a brunch works with most schedules, and saves you money when love saving some money.  With a little easy prep done ahead, makes my job very easy.  A quick pick up, around the house, new towels in baths, clear away clutter, decorate areas for brunch.  I love the dollar tree for table cloths, and plastic table any extra serving dishes or utensils.  This makes my clean up really easy. Disposable plates and cups makes clean up so easy.  When everyone has left I simply throw away table cloths, napkins soiled plates, broken utensils, scoop it all up and throw away. I saw this and I’m trying it this year.  I hope it goes well without too much mess. This is too cute not to try, again dollar store basket so nothing to worry over at the end of the day.

These adorable guys are not only great treats but are helping decorate my Buffett tables.  If I was going for formal they would make the cutest place cards!

These double as treats that decorate until the egg hunts.  They would also make great prizes for games if you’re so inclined.

I’ve put pics and recipes on my Pinterest board   What do you think? http://pin.it/PlWL2ub Take a closer look! here’s the link.  I use both eggs i’ve colored and plastic for decoration.  Baked oatmeal with fruit, and village inn ultimate skillet copy cat.  Strong breakfast blend coffee hot or over ice with Bailey’s and khualua.  Mimosas or bellini, next to the pancakes, you choose the type of syrup. I make french toast casserole and baked oatmeal the night before. Set up the coffee pot, and arrange my placement of the coffee and adult drinks.  For the younger set bunny punch made from sparkling soda and fruit juices.  
Easter morning I put casseroles in the oven.  Add bacon and put eggs in muffin pan, also ready go into oven 30 and 15 minutes before serving.  Pull out pancake batter already made. Cook off pancakes, tent with foil for warmth. Add syrups and juices to respective spaces. Sit and enjoy my coffee until people arrive.  Make lasting memories and traditions to be passed on for generations to come.

.                         Show off your divine spark.

I would also like to extend super hugs, and thanks to my mom, Mary and grandmother Claudia, who both without fail made sure we not only felt loved and admired as children, but on through adulthood where we get to practice what we played.  A special thank you to the important men who molded and shaped me to respect myself and never doubt who I am.  To my Dad, David, Grandpa Ray, and Uncle Gene who I know watch over us from above. Finally, my husband, Scott who loves me enough to have married into our crazy family, and diverse siblings.  (I did too but 1200 miles away is different.)  To all my Family and Friends Happy Easter! 


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