Sorry only picking ten is really hard!

Where to start?  I’m a nerd. Cute, but still a nerd.  I’ll take a book any day vs a tv show, or company.  I read an average novel in about three days if fitting it in around other activities.  Since my stroke it takes longer and they are easier to see on electronic device.  Of the two I prefer the real thing, there is an experience that occurs between the reader and a real book.  While the electronic device is easier to see, I still prefer the original paper version. I also prefer the paperback version since they are easier to carry where ever I go.  I always have a book with me.

I have developed a strong taste for historical romance fiction. These are not your mothers romance novels.   Paranormal is defiantly Sherilynn Kenyon,  Military Suzanne Brockmann, Suspense are defiantly the Odd series.  Julia Quinn, Loretta Chase, Lisa Kleypas, are some of my go to favorites.  I have the whole collections in my bookcase.  I also enjoy the play on words Sarah Mcclean uses  in her titles. Some authors are even good enough with their prose to make me laugh out loud.(quite a feat for a book with no pictures). 

Who doesn’t love a navy SEAL? Or maybe a whole team?
Will engage you heart and soul.

Some authors have several series imprint some under pseudonym, most under the original name. I have concentrated lately, to add the rest of my favorites to my kindle.  I already own most print books, which creates the problem of not enough bookcases.  I try to catch them on kindle deals. 
If I had to pick just one author to put at the top of my list it would be Sherrilynn Kenyon, and her pseudonym Kinley MacGregor.  She writes several series including suspense with B.A.D, science fiction or futuristic League series, paranormal, Dark Hunters, Ware-Hunter, and Dream Hunter, young adult in Chronicles of Nick, and historical under Kinley MacGregor.

Love her books awaiting her newest book with baited breath, and wild anticipation.

I can’t begin to list all my favorites in a variety of genes.  Try a couple from your local library before getting your own copy.  Some authors that have great series, that have yet to be made a movie or tv shoe.  In fact every time I see another remake movie I wish I could send Hollywood a library card.  There is no better way to travel across the world, or time and space, than curled in my favorite chair with a good book.

.                Her characters are highly developed, and will touch your heart as they struggle to overcome the objectives in their path. 

.  Sebastian St Vincent and Evie are two characters you will not easily forget as they engage in a test of wills that will bring out the best in them both.  Get caught in this battle of wills between a redhead and her shyness. A man spoiled young man about town  to which life while not perfect comes far to easily. Can he learn to love someone more than himself?  Is Evie worth the effort, only he can answer that.
I’ve included some links below and don’t be afraid to try your local library.  Mine you can download ebooks like a regular library checks them out.  Some even have narrated audio books.  Amazon can get you anything not easy to find.  I have a Barnes and Nobles, I prefer my Books A Million store for easy orders and better selection. So bring on the warm tea and my favorite chair here’s to the new releases for 2017!

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