2017 is officially here, as is one of the biggest holidays we celebrate.  I know the stores started stocking everything Valentine’s two weeks ago!  I’m just getting over January and being sick for about 10 days with just getting it cleared.  I can go back to physical therapy now and breathe while doing so.  A Greeting Card company is not why we have a love fest in February, but there are a lot of ideas that swirl around this date.  

Who’s your Valentine?  I am happily married for over a decade, so I have 1 to start.  I also try to share the love on days like this.  So who are you going to show some love to this holiday?  Our children, spouse, good friends, that special someone in your life.  Mine includes family, friends, my hubby, and my dark lover, whom crawls in bed with me every chance he gets…Charlie.

. Shame on you if you thought of something else.  Co-workers and you child’s class mates. I always feel great when I give.  Now you can go crazy but my income is limited but, a little ingenuity easily solves that problem.  Catch some great ideas for all in the next post!