As the dog days of summer are upon us I am sure looking forward to a break in the heat.  Our a/c is working hard to keep us cool.  The idea of going near a stove or heat from a bbq makes me sweat even more just thinking about it.  How do you answer that nagging question, ” Whats for dinner?”  while the suns still shinning?  During summer I could happily eat vegetarian, but hubby needs a certain part protien to keep the numbers right. I hate diabetes!  At least he’s an adult.  I know quite a few parents who struggle with this disease in a child and I wonder where they find the fortitude and patience. I guess thats true any time your child is sick.  I know I loose sleep when a niece, or nephew, is not feeling well.  Much less one of my fur babies.  

Fuzzy. RIP. I miss you

Back to the temperature.  It has firmly reached the point that I do not want to stand over a hot stove.  What to do???  Pizza? Our homemade recipe featured last month really takes commercial places out of the running.  Okay my first thought after that was sandwicheshambugersChick-fil-a? Arby‘s? Subway?  Firehouse? We just had Panera, mom just discovered them.  So they are all pricey for food that lets face it isn’t very good for us and not very appetizing.  Several years ago I had an amazing Turkey Chipotle panni, that I’ve tried to re-create as a wrap.  I can get close but have not matched The Cheesecake Factory.  When I called mom to suggest this and check ingredients she suggested hoagies.  French bread, salami, provolone, sharp cheddar, Turkey, ham, roast beef, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onion, green bell peppers, homemade tazziki and a little mustard gives you the masterpiece you see here.  Mom said she checked the deli at Wal-Mart thinking of the premade, but for the same price we got two of these gems!

The Ultimate Family Sandwhich

Best of all they are customized to taste.  Pepperoni, corned beef, chicken, tuna, change the meats, cheese, bread and veggies.  Make it your own and I bet it tastes better fresh than from a sandwich shop.  We cut it three ways and made two meals so dinner and lunch tomorrow. These were so good! I admit it freely tasted better than most sandwich shops.  If you know of one that is better than any of deli places mentioned above I would love to know about it.  How do you beat the heat and feed your family?  

The Ultimate Family Sandwhich

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