Halloween gives us all permission to play dress up and induldge in some fun. You don’t have to buy a costume every year, in fact you may have what you need in the closet right now.

Look online for popular costumes any girl can be a princess with a belled formal from the specialty section of your wardrobe. Delve deep, one of my favorites to bring out is red halter top blouse. Add a long black skirt and my favorite high heel boots, with the purhase of a horned head band and a red and black pitch fork (also a one time purchase) and you’ve got a really cute/sexy red devil.

Keep the boots fishnets, and skirt change the top to a whimsicaal bell sleeve an ad a classy withes hat. Faux leather leggings, frilly white blouse and red or black skirt (I like lace) add a peacoat style jacket and hat you just got a pirates lady.

These same tricks work for children however in younger ages than pre-teen are probably going to want the character dujour that friends are wearing. This is also in my opinion to start teaching them to have thier own likes and opinions and i can.t think of a better platform to start encouraging them to think for themselves.
My mom would ask if our friends were jumping off a bridge/buildiing were we going to jump too? These instances taught us to think for ourselves and stand up to peer pressure later made us better adults. i’m also positive there were times in the grocery store she regretted that chioie, ha ha; however i know that as a young adult that ability allowed me to avoid several situations that could have been quite bad, the ability to think for myself and make cofident choices has seen me through quite a lot.
So i say encourage the halloween fun. i’ve seen more decorations in yards as the years pass. There aresome great ideas on sights lik Pintrest that are great fun, I can remember helping make ghosts and ghouly decorations when I was a girl. What a great way to give lasting memories not to mention great pictures to share and cherish. So this year get your Haloween on!



Jennifer lives happily in North Florida with her husband Scott and after a stroke and two brain surgeries her mom. While not blessed with children they dote on their four legged children four cats. I started writing after spinal surgery required second round of physical therapy to learn to walk yet again. While reading is a favorite hobby writing is something new with the launch of this blog and hopefully a fiction novel in the future.