For children finding the right gift can be difficult, especially with the rate things change. Great tip most stores have a gift registry. A parent can sit down with the child and make it easy for friends and family to choose a gift.

Pick a variety of price ranges. Friends with eight  children may want to spend less than a family with one.

Something they need. Pick at least a couple of items they really need. New shoes, clothes, bookbag, everything that no longer fits from the last growth spurt. While parents are responsible for basic needs any gift like this will save them time and money.

Something they want. Let them pick toys/games/tech. Maybe a new video game is being released or they are finally old enough and responsible enough for a tablet. Parents should set these limitations when creating to avoid having to explain a broken/unused, really expensive gift. Some like to stave off the technology until they are older, some start them early. Again parents need to decide these things, another great reason to have a registry.

Have you ever seen the look on a child’s face, or adult for that matter when they open two gifts and it turns out they are the same? In mittens, earings, socks, and twins this is ok, sometimes encouraged. Nothing like Grandma, daddy and uncle George all giving the same gift. To simplify this most store registry ‘ s keep track of purchases made from it so it is hard to end up with duplicate gifts.

Updates can be added in store or online. Since most of us are connected a lot, this makes changes easy and saves time.

Make it about 1 to 2 months ahead of the special day. This allows you to send everyone the link via email and social sites. Allow longer if there are many expensive and elaborate gifts. This will give those looking time to coordinate, purchase and in some cases arrange delivery.

Do not be upset if they didn’t use it. Not everyone will purchase a gift from the registry. Whatever the reason, children and parents should accept and be grateful for all gifts (yes even homemade, pink bunny suits). A

Homemade gifts are not cheap. With the costs of materials now days that quilt Aunt Rose made you probably cost her quite a bit for fabric and thread. Besides each hand-made gift has 1 ingredient that’s required. The love and care to invest the time and energy to make it.

Send Thank you notes. In todays busy world it all to easy to fully appreciate the efforts people have gone to for you and the children. Encourage them to not only say thank you, but to show their appreciation. Nothing warms a person’s heart as much as a real thank you. A hand written note received in the daily mail can light up a day. If the birthday girl/boy is not writing yet, I’ll bet they can draw or color a picture to show thier thanks. Trust me an email or e-card is not the same.

Finally, have fun. Time flies and before you know it they will be grown. Cherish each day and find a reason to celebrate the positive. Live in the moment and for the memories we make. At the end of the day that’s what matters most.

Did you know if you are traveling for an occasion that needs a gift, most places can ship to a nearby location for free. Amazon can ship direct. No pick up needed. Save yourself some time and space. Have it delivered for your conveince.

*Make sure you have time if something happens. Store employees, planes, and vehicles are not perfect. Most of the world’s transports never have a problem. Just in case you should allow for a backup plan.*

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