National Crouton Day on May 13th each year recognizes a tasty topping that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Many of our words for bread-related foods come from the French and for good reason. The French love bread. Croutons are no different. The French word croûte means crust. Croutons are often made from day-old bread which has been cut into cubes and seasoned with herbs, oil, or butter. The bread is then either toasted in the oven or tossed in a hot pan until crunchy.

We’re probably most familiar with croutons on our salads. And when we add croutons to our salads, it’s a bit of celebration – a crunch celebration. Each flavorful, crunchy bite adds to our crispy, enjoyment.

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HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalCroutonDay

Celebrate the day by topping your dish with seasoned croutons. Be sure to also share your crouton creations by using #NationalCroutonDay on Social Media.


Rothbury Farms® founded National Crouton Day in February 2015. Established in 1923, Rothbury Farms is a fourth-generation, family-owned business where consumer value means using the highest quality goods to produce the very best products. At Rothbury Farms croutons are their passion. Rothbury Farms Croutons are made from fresh bread toasted to just the right crispness and then seasoned with a select blend of herbs, spices, and cheeses. Rothbury Farms Croutons are a versatile food and complement any time of the day from breakfast to lunch, to dinner, to snack time and are perfect for breakfast casseroles, bread puddings, salads, soups, stuffing, dinner casseroles, appetizers and also as snacks.


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