Annually the second Saturday in May recognizes National Miniature Golf Day. This day is separate from Miniature Golf Day, which is celebrated worldwide on September 21.

Similar to the sport of golf, but as the name suggests it is a miniature version of the game. While still played with a series of 9 or 18 holes, miniature golf courses are shorter, usually themed, and have a variety of obstacles that add to the difficulty of the game. 

There also isn’t any need to call “FOUR” since only putters are used in this version. The distances are too short (usually about 10 yards) to use any of the other clubs in golf. Most courses consist of concrete or artificial turf so don’t worry about replacing any divots, either! The game also goes by the names mini-golf, midget golf, putt-putt, and peewee golf.

Some of the more challenging miniature golf courses have waterfalls, caverns, and castles with drawbridges as part of their obstacle course.


The Illustrated London News had mention of the earliest documented minigolf course in its June 8, 1912, edition. The first standardized minigolf courses to enter into commercial mass-production were the Thistle Dhu course in 1916 in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and the Tom Thumb patent of Garnet Carter from Lookout Mountain, Tennessee in 1927.

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HOW TO OBSERVE #NationaMiniGolfDay

Watch out for the water hazards and the windmill! Meet your friends at your local miniature golf course and have a fun-filled day. While you’re out putting, share your photos using #NationalMiniGolfDay.

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