Each year on the first Saturday in May, National Start Seeing Monarchs Day raises awareness to preserve the Monarch butterfly and prevent it from being added to the endangered species list.

The Monarch butterfly is a milkweed butterfly.  It may be the most familiar North American butterfly because its wings feature an easily recognizable orange and black pattern.  Monarchs typically reach  3 1/2 to 4″ in size.  In the fall, they migrate south to warmer climates.  In the spring, they return further north.

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HOW TO OBSERVE #StartSeeingMonarchsDay

How can you help prevent the extinction of the Monarch butterfly? You can plant a variety of native milkweeds in your backyard, a haven for all pollinators, like the Monarch butterfly. Without milkweed, the Monarch will cease to exist, so we need people to start planting Monarch Waystations in their backyards. In these safe havens, Monarchs don’t have to worry about herbicides, pesticides, and GMOs affecting their daily meals. You can tell your friends about what you’re doing and get them to join in on the fun; the more Monarch Waystations, the better!

You can stop using those chemicals that harm so many of the small creatures we rely upon to pollinate our fruits and vegetables; think about using organic alternatives that are much more environmentally friendly. Last but not least, you can visit startseeingmonarchs.org and Monarchwatch.org to educate yourself on everything that is Monarch! It’s time to take action! Be a part of the solution for this beautiful winged creature.

Mark your calendar and help us to start seeing monarchs on the first Saturday in May! Use #StartSeeingMararchsDay to share on social media.

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