National Lemonade Day on the first Sunday in May encourages the entrepreneurial spirit in young people all across the country. 

Not only is the celebration a time to enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade, but more importantly, it is a day to give youth an opportunity to experience the taste of success.

Through, millions of kids around the nation learn what it takes to run a business in a fun and constructive way.

The days leading up to Lemonade Day are full of preparation by small but budding entrepreneurs. They attend workshops, check their stock, and scout out their locations. On Lemonade Day, they will be ready to set up shop and sell the freshest, coolest lemonade their side of the block!


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HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalLemonadeDay

What better way for kids to learn about running a small business than by starting one? For ages, children have set up small stands on the sidewalk. But now, we need to take them seriously. Cash in hand, consumers, come to the counter, and get your lemonade by the glassful.

Businesses face challenges, too. If they’re given lemons, well they make a different sort of lemonade. Use the ledger to create other business scenarios around your home. You can also find more ideas at Frequent your favorite lemonade stand and use #NationalLemonadeDay to post on social media.

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