National Beverage Day on May 6th encourages us to sit back, relax, and enjoy our favorite beverages.  

Beverages come in many forms. And whether you prefer a hot beverage or a cold one, the choice is yours. Serve up a caffeinated drink poured over over ice. Make it carbonated or mix it up as a cocktail or a mocktail as the case may be. Beverages may be freshly squeezed, frozen, blended, or creamy. They can even be sweet, sour, bitter, smooth, or dry.  

We drink them to cool off and to warm up. We also drink them to chill out and serve them to add sparkle to a celebration. Although, some months celebrate more than others. While January is quite busy and raises a glass to milk, green juice, and the bloody Mary, February only celebrates Kahlua. While July is busy, May doesn’t shy away from beverage celebrations, either. We just celebrated lemonade and America’s favorite beverage, orange juice, and will celebrate several more in May, too!

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBeverageDay

Observe National Beverage Day by singing to a “beverage” inspired song while enjoying your tasty beverage!  Post photos of your favorite beverage on social media using #NationalBeverageDay

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