Each year on May 5th, National Totally Chipotle Day celebrates right alongside Cinco de Mayo and is dedicated to the chipotle, a smoked, dried jalapeno pepper. Not to be confused with the restaurant chain of the same name.

There are different varieties of jalapenos and they vary in size and heat. At one time, chipotles were primarily found in the markets of central and southern Mexico.  As Mexican foods became more popular in the more northern areas of North America, the jalapeno production and processing expanded north into the United States.

Chipotles are often an essential ingredient and add a mild spiciness to many different dishes in Mexican cuisine. While you expect to find them in salsas and other sauces, don’t hesitate to use them in other ways, too. Add them to soups and marinades if you want to bring the heat to a dish. Bean or lentil dishes shine when you add chipotle to them. Do you like sweet and spicy flair? Add chipotle to your jellies. When pairing chipotle with a slice of smoky cheese, you won’t be disappointed. Top it on a grilled bbq chicken pizza to wow guests.

You can even add it to desserts for a surprising but delicious twist. For example, homemade dark chocolate ice cream with the hint of smoky chipotle in every bite is a real winner. You can turn down the heat by removing the seeds and membrane or leave them in for a more exciting experience.

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