National Raspberry Popover Day on May 3rd each year recognizes a dish similar to Yorkshire pudding.

Popovers earn their name by their characteristic popping over the edge of the pan as they bake. They can be enjoyed in both sweet and savory combinations. The primary ingredients in popovers are flour, eggs, milk, butter, salt and butter. Raspberries make popovers sweeter. Whether sweet or savory, most people enjoy popovers at breakfast time. 

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HOW TO OBSERVE #RaspberryPopoverDay

One sure way to celebrate the day is by trying your hand at making an authentic popover. We’ve even supplied a recipe for you to try. The fact that you’ll be making raspberry popovers to celebrate makes it a bonus celebration. Other ways to participate include:

  • Visit your favorite bakery for some fresh-baked popovers.
  • Whether you purchase yours or make them at home, share them with co-works and friends.
  • Share your recipes. You really must do this if you make your own. Bragging rights and recipes go hand in hand.
  • Take beautiful food selfies. (Another rite of passage if you bake your own.)
  • Make an extra batch and bring them over to the National Day Calendar offices! We know you want to.

Enjoy this tried and true Raspberry Popovers recipe. Featured image by Raspberry Popovers | Driscoll’s

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