With layers of sweetness, May 1st ushers in National Chocolate Parfait Day.

Enjoying a delicious chocolate parfait would be a perfect way to end your day.  Parfait literally means perfect in French!  There are a couple of ways to make parfaits. The traditional French-style uses sugar syrup, eggs, and cream. The American style layers parfait cream, ice cream, and flavored gelatin in a tall, clear glass topped with whipped cream, fruit and liqueurs. The parfait has recently taken a wholesome turn using yogurt layered with nuts and fresh fruits, instead of ice cream and sugary syrups.

While the day focuses on the chocolate parfait, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with other fresh flavors. Fruit and cream go quite well with chocolate. And don’t forget ingredients such as pretzels or cookie bits. The options are only limited by your imaginations. 

There are other great treats to explore too. Be sure to try National Parfait Day, Chocolate Ice Cream Day, or a multitude of other sweet treats.  Cookies, cakes, ice creams, and don’t forget pies.  Chances are you can definitely find a sweet day!

HOW TO OBSERVE #ChocolateParfaitDay

Enjoy your version of a chocolate parfait today with family and friends!  Create a chocolate parfait bar and let the creating begin. Be sure to share your creations using #ChocolateParfaitDay on social media to share your love for this delicious food holiday!


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