On the last Sunday in April, National Pet Parents Day recognizes the pet parents who go the extra mile to care for their fur babies. 

There is a very special connection, a unique bond, between a pet and its owner. This unique relationship, which can often last for many years, is often a vital part of the ‘pet parents’ life. Their loved pets are considered to be a member of the family. 

Some pet parents are new to the experience. Others are repeat performers. No matter how many pets or how often they engage in the relationship, it’s a special one every time. 

The observance was created to honor all dedicated pet parents across the nation with a special day of their own. 

We are dedicated pet parents.  Our furbabies take the place of real children.  Our marriage while not blessed with human children, we’re making up for it with kitties. 

We currently have 6 inside cats and 6 outsiders.  All are rescues.  The outsiders are/were feral.  While they have had TNR they are not fully touchable.  We would bring them inside in a heartbeat if we could.

While they have expressed interest about coming inside, they are not ready for that.  Tom and Missy as we call them have become quite the pair. One day maybe Tom will let us touch him.  For now he gets fed sonft food twice a day and all the kibble they want.  We are currently working on a better shelter on the porch. 

Missy is the Calico, Tom is big Orange guy.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalPetParentsDay

There are several ways to celebrate this day.

  • Give yourself some extra cuddle time with your pets
  • Pick up some pet swag like a tee or my favorite coffee cup.
  • Take a photo with your pet.
  • Adopt from a local shelter. 
  • Learn about ASPCA, Animal Allies, and your local shelters. Our local shelter recieved a grant.  They are doing TNR until funding runs out for community cats.

Use #NationalPetParentsDay to post on social media.

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