It’s time for the freshness of National Salad Month. Greens pop this time of year, and it’s easy to grow garden lettuce even in a small space. They fill the grocery with a variety of color, too.

Beyond the leafy part of the salad, the crisp vegetables, proteins, flavorful cheeses, herbs, berries, grains, and nuts make salads exciting and healthy.  If we don’t over indulge in the cheese and fatty meats, it’s usually the dressing that causes our salad downfall.

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Salads are an excellent way help get your 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.  We’ve provided tips to get the maximum salad-eating in this month!

  • Mix up the lettuce variety. Iceberg is what we’re most familiar with in the United States. Try spinach for a change of pace. Romaine makes excellent lettuce wraps. Butterhead comes in loose, crisp, rosettes.
  • Prepare salads for the work week. Fill the bottom of a Mason jar the salad dressing.  Add the more solid fruits or veggies to next layer followed by any proteins and cheeses. Next, add the leafy greens. The items crunchy croutons, nuts or soft fruits and veggies should be added the day you eat the salad.
  • Serve salad with every meal, even breakfast. Fruit salad is a bright way to start the morning.
  • Substitute salad for one meal a day.
  • Try a different type a salad every week.

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