Declared by Congress in 1999, May was selected National Military Appreciation Month as a month-long observance honoring the sacrifices of the United States Armed Forces.  There are more military related observances during the month of May than any other month, so it is an appropriate time to celebrate the men and women in uniform.  

Our American Military and their families sacrifice to keep our freedoms both at home and around the world. Those who served and who do so now deserve the greatest respect and admiration from all of us whom enjoy the freedoms we know today.

It is a month to honor those who are serving and those who have served.

Be sure to honor all our military by exploring more throughout the year too.

Display the American Flag at your home or business.

Show your support on social media with #MilitaryAppreciationMonth

Share, like, comment, post, and re-post on social media to put a spotlight on National Military Appreciation Month events and observances

Send a care package to a service member

See someone in uniform or know a veteran? Thank them for their service or surprise them with a coffee, dessert, or drink if they are in line with you

Honor or recognize the month on office websites, social media, Yammer sites and newsletters

Donate to charities that support veterans or their families

Reach out to a veteran or military family in need

Hire a Veteran

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