When it comes to flavor and health in one package, National Mediterranean Diet Month in May has us covered. From fresh herbs and vegetables to succulent seafood and wine, this cuisine satisfies.

One way to get the best out of a Mediterranean diet is to indulge in the whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables along with the healthy oils our bodies need. Olive and canola oils are rich in good cholesterol. Add fish and chicken to the menu and limit red meat to only a couple times a month and we’re well on our way to enjoying a Mediterranean lifestyle. Finish it off with a glass of red wine occasionally and plenty of exercise.

Oldways founded National Mediterranean Diet Month in 2008.


Are you looking for a flavorful, easy to follow diet? The Mediterranean diet meets the guidelines for the food pyramid. Give it a try during May and you might find it a lifestyle changer. Use #MediterraneanDietMonth to share on social media.

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