National Barbecue Month in May encourages us to break out our special recipes and get some mouthwatering deliciousness started.

Whether you prefer charcoal, wood, or gas, barbecuing is fundamentally a slow cooking method over indirect heat. While the type of protein and seasonings vary, each part of the country specializes in their own flavors and sauces. From sweet to spicy, techniques range from region to region and state to state. Even the way a place smokes their barbecue can be considered unique!

Pork is the original barbecue meat, but beef, chicken, lamb, and other proteins find their way into barbecue. Some of the best side dishes associated with this time-honored cuisine are coleslaw, macaroni & cheese, and baked beans.

In America there are lots of great occasions that our family uses to have a barbeque. Patriotic days, birthdays, and of course, summer time. We live in Florida…so learning to barbeque is practically like getting a drivers license. No matter when, barbeques are a great time to put down the phone, reconnect with family and friends. The fantastic food is just a bonus to these memories you create.


You can either put on an apron or a bib because whether your making barbecue or eating it, it can get messy.  Then dig in! Try different flavors and recipes all month long. And, if you’ve heard about a good barbecue restaurant, get there early. The good ones sell until it’s all gone then close up shop.  That’s the sign of real barbecue! Use #NationalBarbecueMonth to share on social media. 


The Barbecue Council founded National Barbecue Month in 1963 to encourage outdoor cooking. Since then, grilling and barbecuing have increased in popularity.


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