Each year, National Girl Scout Leader’s Day on April 22nd recognizes the thousands of leaders who volunteer their time and share their experiences with youth across the country. Girl Scout volunteer leaders have been positively impacting girls’ lives since the beginning of Girl Scouting in 1912. These leaders are often beacons for girls as they approach womanhood. They provide a foundation of confidence, experience, respect and courage that stays with a young woman throughout her lifetime. 

As a brownie my mother was our leader. She donated her time, and later as a senior, she did so again. I learned a set of skills that prepared me for life and the world. While learning practical lessons, we also learned to respect diversity and inclusion.

Today, even though I cannot myself be a leader, I’m glad to see a new generation carrying on the traditions and values. So I’m a easy sell for cookies, because I understand first hand how that support funds camps, trips, activities and more. Those experiences will shape how they grow up and the adult they will become.

Approximately 750,000 adults volunteer their time with the Girl Scouts. Through their leadership, girls gain experience in community service, stewardship, relationship building, and much more. Their leaders offer decision-making skills, build confidence and character, form friendships, and develop leaders for tomorrow. 

As today is also Earth Day you can expect to see some troops doing things like beach clean ups and even planting trees.

HOW TO OBSERVE #GirlScoutLeadersDay

Celebrate the day by thanking a volunteer for their hard work and dedication to the Girl Scout program. Tell your leader how much you appreciate them. One way to do that is by demonstrating one of the many skills they teach you. Share your experiences as a Girl Scout leader or consider volunteering. Consider becoming a Girl Scout leader. What has being a Girl Scout taught you and who was the leader who influenced you most? Use #GirlScoutLeadersDay on Social Media to say thanks!


Girl Scout of the U.S.A. proclaimed Girl Scouts Leader’s Day in 1982 to recognize the volunteers who serve as role models to millions of youth each year. They selected the date of April 22nd because it falls near National Volunteer Week each year.

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