National Glazed Spiral Ham Day on April 15th each year celebrates an innovative and delicious food. This gourmet looking dish often found at a holiday feast, originated in the basement of Harry J. Hoenselaar.

In 1952, the Detroit, Michigan entrepreneur patented not only his spiral slicer but the ham glaze as well. His innovative device made it possible for the entire bone-in ham to be sliced in one continuous and even spiral. The result was not only perfect for baking but for serving, too. The resulting slices presented a beautiful main course meal. Then in 1957, Hoenselaar founded HoneyBaked Ham.

Since the patent expired in 1981, many companies offer glazed spiral hams. However, we continue to thank Harry J. Hoenselaar for making them a possibility.

A traditional glazed ham is baked with a glaze consisting of sugar, honey, or orange juice. Spices to taste are often added.

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HOW TO OBSERVE #GlazedSpiralHamDay

Pick up a glazed spiral ham and cook up a big meal. The leftovers will make amazing sandwiches, too!

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