National Fresh Celery Month in April provides an opportunity to experiment with recipes and challenge the way we use the vegetable in our cooking

Take celery beyond peanut butter sticks and cocktails. When combined with the right ingredients, celery can be a stunning addition to a dish. The beauty of celery is it adds a punch of crunch, a hint of vibrant color and subtle flavor without being overpowering.

While we may like filling the celery’s convenient groove with peanut butter, there are other excellent fillers. Try seasoned cream cheese, chicken salad or hummus.

Sliced celery dressed with light vinaigrette and grapes and walnuts make an excellent small salad. Don’t forget the celery leaves. Toss them into your salads, too! For another salad spin, try goat cheese and chives with red onion.

There’s a reason peanut butter and celery go together. It’s not just an afternoon snack. Celery compliments many soups and does only have to go into a vegetable medley.  Yes, peanut butter is another way to soup it up.

When it comes to the main dish, celery compliments nearly any protein and that includes non-animal proteins.  Whether you’re cooking with chicken, beef or beans, celery will boost texture and flavor.  Try a new recipe every week during National Fresh Celery Month, and discover how celery can benefit your cooking.


Add celery to your shopping list and be sure to add it to a few meals this month. Use #NationalFreshCeleryMonth to share on social media.

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