All during April, enjoy the buttery taste of pecans. It’s National Pecan Month!

Pecans add a delicious crunch to salads and make a perfect afternoon snack. Included with fresh fruit and yogurt, pecans become part of a bright start to your breakfast routine. Viewing the pecan’s nutrition benefits, unroasted, unsalted pecan offer the best impact on our health.

When comparing nut varieties, pecans have more antioxidants than any other. Pecans can help to reduce cholesterol levels and heart disease risk, too. They are also naturally a high-quality source of protein.

While preparing dinner this month, look for recipes that include pecans. Add a crusted pork recipe to the menu or pecan quiche. Sprinkle pecans over your favorite soup or pasta.

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Enjoy pecans in your dishes and share your favorite recipes. Use #NationalPecanMonth to share on social media.

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