The Month of the Military Child in April recognizes the unique challenges children in military families face. They face continually changing circumstances and often both parents enlist active duty or reserve meaning at any given time their primary caregivers can be deployed.

Depending on the size of their family, where they are stationed, and how long they live the military life, a military child becomes adaptable. They may see much of the country and sometimes the world. Military life impacts every member of the family, right down to the youngest member. They sacrifice close relationships, sometimes even with immediate family members due to the distances they live and the number of times they transfer.

They endure deployments just like the parent who stays behind with them. The month of the Military Child recognizes the sacrifices and the courage of these young Americans.


Department of Defense Military Community and Family Policy sponsors the Month of the Military Child annually.

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HOW TO OBSERVE #MonthOfTheMilitaryChild

  • Show your support to military families, especially the children.
  • Welcome military children to your school and neighborhood.
  • Host an event in your neighborhood.
  • Share your stories as a military child.
  • Attend events hosted by local bases and show your military child pride.
  • Celebrate their unique qualities and enduring contributions at events around the country.
  • Reconnect with military children you grew up with through organizations like Military Brats Registry, Operation Foot Locker, American Overseas Schools Historical Society.
  • Celebrate National Military Brats Day.
  • Use #MonthOfTheMilitaryChild to share on social media.

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