On National Ravioli Day, celebrate a pasta that is fun and versatile. Observed on March 20th each year, pasta lovers dive in on this food holiday. 

Ravioli are a traditional type of Italian filled pasta, made up of a filling sealed between two layers of thin egg pasta dough. Imagine a small meatball tucked, snug inside two cozy layers of delicious pasta dough. That’s basically what ravioli is. Although, a variety of fillings from cheesy to meaty take up that cozy spot in the dough.  And the ravioli are usually served in either a broth or with a pasta sauce.  A variety of filling recipes are available from cheesy to meaty.

While ravioli often serves as the main course, it can also be a side dish or even an appetizer. Many popular recipes bake or deep fry the ravioli. With chocolate added to the pasta or cream cheese stuffing and a caramel sauce, the dish quickly becomes a dessert!

Ravioli can be homemade or may be purchased fresh or frozen in grocery stores. In the United States, Chef Boyardee popularized the canned ravioli. This ravioli is filled with either beef or processed cheese and served in a tomato, tomato-meat or tomato-cheese sauce.  

We turn to St. Louis, Missouri, to learn about the toasted ravioli. By accident, a ravioli fell into the fryer at Oldani’s back in the 1940s. And as with accidents, the crisp ravioli earned a place on the menu. Or so the story goes. If so, it’s a delicious one. 


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Ravioli always sparks an appetite, so be sure to mix up your favorite sauce and pasta combinations. Try your hand at homemade. Make it a family affair.

Lazy Lasagna (with ravioli)

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