As part of National Nutrition Month, National California Strawberry Day kicks off the strawberry season in California. The celebration takes place annually on March 21st which is typically the first full day of spring. It’s an ideal time to rejuvenate our senses and get excited about fresh fruit dishes, too. 

Strawberries are the flavor of paradise speckled with a bit of sunshine and whimsy. Their bright red dimpled fruit inspires picnics with double scoop strawberry ice cream cones. Of course, as the season heats up, the ice creams will drip down our chins but that is a worthy price to pay for a delicious crop of these dazzling and beautiful berries. Even eaten fresh, the juices leave a tantalizing mark on the lips of sweet toddlers and sweethearts, too. 

As you celebrate the kiss of summer, remember that strawberries provide good sources of potassium, fiber, folic acid, and vitamin C. They are also low in calories, with no fat and no cholesterol.

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While spring beckons, make your favorite strawberry recipes. Add strawberries to your morning breakfast routine. Make a parfait or strawberry shortcake and while you’re at it, make some memories, too. For another fun way to enjoy your strawberries, plan a trip to a pick-your-own strawberry farm.  Enjoy some California strawberries and use #CaliforniaStrawberryDay to post on social media.

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In 1983, the California Strawberry Advisory Board (now the California Strawberry Commission) proposed California Strawberry Day to celebrate the California strawberry season as a true sign of spring. 

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