March 7th recognizes a delicious and elegant, savory dish on National Crown Roast of Pork Day. The menu calls for a beautifully set table ready to receive a feast worthy of royalty or a celebration.

Crown roast of pork earns its name when a pork loin forms a circle with the ribs pointing upwards, creating the points of a crown. Often they are held together with twine.  It is then seasoned, and usually stuffed, roasted and served, making a beautiful centerpiece on the table. The ends of the bones may be given a paper frill treatment for added decoration.

For anyone familiar with roasting pork and other meats, this roast cooks much the same way. What makes it stand out from others is its presentation. It elevates an already flavorful cut of meat to a whole other level and makes the cook look exceptional in the process. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #CrownRoastOfPorkDay

Invite friends and family over for a celebration. Put on your apron. Set the table with fine china and crystal. Pour cocktails, mocktails, and wine. Serve a cheese plate and let the excitement build with conversation and good company. Then bask in the compliments as you present the main course – a crown roast of pork. Visit your butcher to help you find just the right size for your crowd. 

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